Creation, computer-aided design and printing technology - all from a single source

We manufacture cash trays that are individually tailored to meet your needs and requirements.

Let us create the item that you need - the size, shape and amount of advertising space on our trays can be customized. The entire conception, design, construction and implementation process is carried out by our company. Our experienced team provides combined expertise in the areas of graphic design, printing technologies, construction technology, plastics processing, logistics and sales & marketing.

From concept to finished product, our ultimate goal is to promptly deliver creatively functional and precisely constructed high-quality items.


A small showcase of successfully implemented projects:

    • Thomapyrin


      Boehringer Ingelheim is a global group of companies. Thomapyrin® is positioned as the expert treatment for headaches. The aim of this special design is to show how fast (15 min) this treatment will help for general pain that may be caused by flu, menstruation, migraines or headache.

    • Buscopan


      Buscopan® offers a full line of products - two products can be shown in two huge surfaces of this cashtray. This product glorifier and cash tray celebrates the successful consumer brand for the treatment of abdominal pain and cramps.

    • Boxagrippal


      The launch of Boxagrippal® for the treatment of cold symptoms was accompanied by the delivery of this customized cashtray. The bright orange side panels perfectly complement the digitally printed lid with the very popular cartoon star.

    • economy eduscho


      Tchibo stores provide the perfect environment for shoppers to indulge themselves in life’s little pleasures. This cash tray, featuring the model Economy, underscores the Tchibo philosophy with its simple, streamlined design.

    • economy kaiser


      This cash tray celebrates the 125th anniversary of Kaiser, the legendary lozenge maker. The design utilizes the Economy model and highlights three of the company’s product lines.

    • tiffany calonil


      Created for the brand Collonil, this cash tray promotes their new innovative water-proofing product for shoes, Carbon Pro. The elegant, sturdy design and the large advertising surface of the model Tiffany is used to reinforce the product’s message of long-lasting protection against dirt and moisture at the POS.

  • buscopan


    Fully printed money tray with white side panels.

    The luminous side panels perfectly complement the large, smooth-edged digitally printed image.

  • meditonsin


    Functionality and design perfectly combined!

    The reverse glass printed acrylic lid adds a classy shine to your messages. A special feature of this cash tray is the handy storage space for shopping bags.

  • abc


    Uniquely shaped acrylic cash tray with a recessed money trough and a separate box for products.

    The screen printed body gives the product branding punch.

  • multimedia

    Multimedia cash tray

    The understated design of this money tray encourages the customer to focus on the product information presented on the TFT monitor. This cash tray offers you the advantage of reaching your target group directly at the POS - with a corporate film, a presentation of your product’s features or a current commercial. Individual colors and prints are available upon request.

  • modena-Sonderfertigung


    This product is based on the cash tray model “modena”. Personalised printing on the body and the crystal clear acrylic lid refine the advertising medium. A customized depositor provides the opportunity to present detailed information.

  • bosch


    This product is based on the cash tray model “Venezia”. Personalized printing on the case and the clear acrylic lid add leverage to the promotional design. With its customized divider inlay, this tray can be used to display different product categories, making it suitable for various applications.

  • ufo-rund


    This product is based on the cash tray model “Ufo”. The tray for the paper inserts was shortened and fully rounded to accentuate the globe. Individual colors and prints for the base are available upon request.

  • ratiopharm-2


    The aim of this special design is to create space for as many products as possible. The eye-catcher is the specially shaped lid, which incorporates the rounded shape of the graphic. The cash tray is made of crystal clear acrylic, a material which provides both visibility and durability, meaning your product is easier to see and the tray is resistant to damage. The slot on the front provides additional advertising opportunities by allowing for the placement of booklets, flyers and leaflets.

  • silomat


    With a design that pairs functionality with durability, this innovative cash tray certainly stands out from its surroundings. The large lid offers you a generous amount of space to place information and advertising messages. The minimalistic, digitally printed inlay subtly shifts attention towards the base, which incorporates the logo’s blue color.

  • dulcolax


    This attractively designed tray features a large lid, providing plenty of space for information and advertising messages. The tray’s inlay is customized to fit the dimensions of the product’s packaging. Additional color options for the lid and base are available upon request.

  • dulcolax-double

    Dulcolax - single product presentation

    This special custom design puts the product in the limelight. The bold shape attracts the attention of potential customers, while the black inlay creates the perfect backdrop for the green color of the packaging to stand out. The printed side panels guarantee the visibility of the product name from every perspective. All in all, this cash tray is the perfect stage for items at the POS.

  • hansaplast


    This uniquely shaped coin tray with metal spacers separates the payment tray from the product presentation. A special printing technique creates a frosted glass effect, leading to an elegant contrast between the tray and the base, as well as the printed logo. This effect also shows off the curved shape of the tray exceptionally well.

  • ratio

    RatioDolor acute

    The aim of this customized production is to create space for as many products as possible within a compact construction. The digitally printed lid and the tray for exchangeable paper inserts provide the product with colorful accents.

  • verschliessbar

    Lockable cash tray

    The locking feature of this cash tray makes it ideal for valuable products and fundraising campaigns. The ability to change the paper inserts in the acrylic lid allows advertising messages to be displayed most effectively.

  • thomapyrin


    The fluorescent blue sides are a striking element of this tray, framing the digitally printed front panel which draws the customer’s attention to the product name. The inlay of this money tray can be customized to fit the dimensions of the product’s packaging.